4 months after surgery nothing but more problems

I had a partial excision done on one side and they want to do same on the other side. Both could be visually seen in my throat. They refuse to remove the whole process as they say too close to carotid. The ringing in my ears is worse, I still get migraines, and now I have a stiffness and pain in neck that was never there before surgery. I am beginning to think that partial removal is worse then just leaving it there as this did nothing but make everything worse, and I still get pain in same area of throat.

OMG!! Same here! They just removed 2 cm and I have lots of ear pain, neck pain down to my left arm. Starting to think there is something wrong with me. People think I am exagerating, they canĀ“t believe surgery was worthless.

My surgery was 2 months ago and I havent felt ANY improvement at all.

Your surgery was internal or external? Hope you will get better. Mine was internal.

Mine was internal, its good to know Im not the same one! I have ear pain off and on too. Mine used this hook method where he slides it up the styloid process and then snaps it off, then grinds down the tip. What did you have?