I see Doctor Hackman tomorrow!

The day is finally here (tomorrow). I cannot believe that I’m finally seeing him. I am making the drive from the coast to Durham this afternoon to stay with my siblings that live there in the city, so I don’t have to stress about a long trip in the morning, before my appointment. I took today off work, but thankfully, I don’t usually work Thursdays, so I only had to request one day off. After being diagnosed with ES back in the spring, fighting like hell to find a doctor to see me, having the first doctor fall through without explanation, and originally booking this appointment for December 5 while anxiously awaiting a hopeful cancellation, I’m finally getting help. I will definitely report back after the appointment, which is at 10:30 tomorrow morning!


Fantastic! Hope you have a successful appointment. I will be interested to hear your outcome as I was diagnosed this past Spring and trying to decide on seeing Dr Hackman.


Great news! If you suspect any dynamic, position-based vascular involvement, it might be a good idea to negotiate with him an on-the-spot ultrasound examination. At least a year ago, he did it on me to confirm IJV occlusion, which had been ignored by many other doctors before.


So pleased for you, looking forward to hearing how it goes tomorrow! :hugs:


I’m doing a happy dance for you, @slekeille! Good thing you can’t see it! I’m no dancer… :rofl: :partying_face: :dancer:


So exciting you finally get to see Dr. Hackman, I can’t wait to hear your update. I’m seeing him on Tuesday and have a list of questions prepared and ready to go. I hope when you have a moment you’ll let us know how it went. Sending positive vibes your way :heart::heart::heart:


How did your meeting with Dr. Hackman go?? I’m scheduled to meet with him late Jan.


It went GREAT - he is FANTASTIC! Best bedside manner I’ve ever experienced from a surgeon, no lie. I am going to post an update about it shortly!