My appointment was moved up!

Quick update — for those that have been following my story, here — I was scheduled to see Dr. Hackman in Chapel Hill on December 5, but because my symptoms have been so severe I messaged saying I felt it was not smart for me to wait so long and would really appreciate a sooner appointment. The next day I got a message saying I’d been scheduled for October 26! So I’m driving to Durham the day before and staying that night with my two siblings that live there, then I’ll see Dr. Hackman the 26th of THIS MONTH! I am so relieved. I’ll update y’all soon!


So, so pleased for you, that’s brilliant news! Will be praying for you :hugs: :pray:

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I’m extremely glad they accommodated your request. You have bigger challenges than just ES so it is important for doctors’ offices to respect that & not keep you waiting. I’ll look forward to your post consult update, @slekeille. :hugs:

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So excited for you and your post gives me hope. I’m scheduled with him in January but hoping to get in sooner that that. I hope your appointment goes great and you get your questions answered! Is there a link to your story where I can read about your journey and symptoms? Thank you.


Hey! I have posted many times, so just search my name to go view all of my posts! :smiling_face:

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