IJV compression, head "tucking"


Interesting, I’ll have a look!

Hi, I learnt it’s important to see a specialist instability physio to have them set safe exercises for you. I think that is important for VES patients too. The normal or hospital type physio can set you physio that is not safe to do (eg. Chin tucks, neck movements etc). Most of my physio is isometric & works muscle groups without using neck movements. In UK I know of specialist instability physios at Wellington in London and Physiocure in Leeds. I think there may be some others. So I 100% agree neck position & how you do rehab work is a topic to be extremely careful about. D

My favourite trick to check/manage head position is to stand with back against a wall and hips, shoulders and head should all touch the wall. Lots of people hold head too far forward (from mobile/computer use) & that affects posture & strains our bodies. D

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Interesting trick… Which part of the shoulders and head should touch the wall?..

Bottom & Shoulder blades touch wall and back of head - while looking straight ahead (so head not tilted up or down). D

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This is EXCELLENT!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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