In California need a surgeon who has done

After complaining to Kaiser for the last three years and several doses of antibiotics for sinus infection etc I finally had a contrast CD scan done and no it’s not salivary stones like they were telling me…now they say after the CT and feeling in the back of my throat…ouch…that I have eagles syndrome and that he…the specialist at my Kaiser has never performed the surgery but needs to find someone who has…this does not instill confidence and so he is going to refer me outbut I need to give him time to find someone and I found all of you amazing people…thank god…and if any of you have had any experience in the San Francisco bay area or anywhere in California I would be eternally grateful for the information…
Thank you :slight_smile:

If you look for posts by Emma you will find a spreadsheet of doctors the members have seen and had success with. One of them, Dr. Samji, is in CA. He seems to be one of the names most often mentioned.
You sound as though you are on a good path and I hope you are able to find some relief!

Dr. Hussein Samji - at Camino ENT in San Jose - has done over 60 procedures. I doubt there is anyone as experienced as him on the west coast. Read through posts throughout this site. A number of folks who communicate here have had surgery performed by him.

Good luck!!