Incision site help

Hi all!
I removed the dressing today, as instructed, 1 week after the op.
Apart from it looking bulgy and wrinkled, seemingly due to a reaction to the plastic tape stuff, the front bit of the wound isn’t properly healed. It oozed a bit when I took the dressing off and has now scabbed over.
Pretty sure it’s not infected. I called the hospital and they said to just leave it uncovered and monitor for signs of infection.
But, because of the location of the incision, I would really like to minimise scarring.
Has anyone got any suggestions for what I can do to help it to heal without leaving too much of a scar? The Cica gel sheets say it has to be fully healed to start using them.
Have ordered medical grade manuka honey to put on it but that won’t arrive until tomorrow. And I don’t really know whether that helps with scarring or just to prevent infection.
Any tips appreciated!

I think all the gels or oils for massaging scars are the same, you can’t use until they’re healed. The honey will be good to prevent infection, as you say I don’t think it helps with scarring…it’s amazing when you look at people’s incisions how well they heal with time and how little they show, so I wouldn’t worry :hugs: