Post surgery - incision maintenance and massage

Hello! I had ES surgery Sep 12th - bilateral removal of styloids and ligaments. My surgeon used that adhesive on the outside of my incisions which are by my ears and my neck, which is still there by all incisions. I was told to leave it unless I see loose pieces that you can flake off.

I am worried about scar tissue and wanted to start massaging the incisions but has anyone done this with the adhesive still there?

Thank you for any help/guidance❤️

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@DonnaH - We usually recommend waiting until a month post op to start scar massage as the incisions will be pretty externally healed by then. Starting too soon could injure the incisions. If you do elect to start gentle massage now, use coconut oil, vitamin E oil, Bio Oil, etc, on your skin as a lubricant. CICA silicone patches have been recommended. There are also a variety of scar gel/creams on the market. I used Mederma scar cream w/ sunscreen on my incisions, & they’re almost invisible now. I was 58 when I had my surgeries so not at an age where skin heals nicely.


Thank you SO MUCH for replying back - this is all great info!!! My dr recommended the strips too.

I’m just about 3 weeks in so I’ll start to look into oils etc and the strips.

Thank you again :heart:


There are usually dissolvable stitches beneath the skin, holding the majority of the tissue closed. That underlying tissue has to be healed and the stitches dissolved before massage of the skin/scar begins. I started lymphatic drainage massage a month after surgery, away from the main incision, which really helped reduce residual swelling. I will admit to not following doctors orders and removing loose bits of glue at 3 weeks and ended up with a small hole at the end of one near-ear incision. Freaked out about it, but it finally sealed up on its own. So if you can wait another week, in my experience, there will be less risk of messing up the incisions.

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@Catmd is that massage only for the external scar or for underlying muscular scar too?

Thank you so much. I still have all the adhesive on still- it’s not coming off and I dare not pick at it. Lymphatic massage sounds good!!


Can you say who your doctor is? I am also in NJ and I am trying to find someone. Thank you!

Hi @Danielle1
My dr was Dr Hackman in NC

How are you feeling overall, Donna?