Insane dizziness

Does anyone else suffer from awful dizziness? Mine seems to just get worse all the time. I’ve been unable to work most of the day and can’t go out for fear of fainting.

I wish I’d mentioned it more in my consultation yesterday, as it’s really concerning me today. Especially as it’s worse since having one of my styloids prodded yesterday.

Any tips on how to manage whilst I wait for surgery, or any reassurance.

Many thanks.

I’m really sorry the dizziness has worsened since yesterday, @BabzieAM. I expect it may settle down again as the nerves which were irritated during your consult calm down over the next several days.

You can try icing your neck (15 min on/45 off) as that may help reduce inflammation that may have been stirred up as a result of the styloid prodding that occurred yesterday.

Do you notice the dizziness gets worse when you have your head in a particular position or positions? If so, try to avoid the provocative head positions. Some of our members have found a soft neck collar helps limit neck movements & is helpful in reducing symptoms of that sort. Amazon sells a number of options:

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So sorry that you’re feeling even worse today…would just say if you can think of it in positive terms, i.e. that having your styloids poked about worsening symptoms seems like a possible indication that they are the source of the dizziness, so getting them removed will hopefully help!
I’m glad that Mr Hughes was helpful yesterday and that you’ll be able to get the surgery…did he give you any idea of how long the wait will be? Are you having to go through the NHS for surgery? :hugs:

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@Isaiah_40_31 @Jules Thanks both! I’m hoping it’ll settle, the poking around did aggregate the pain, so it’s definitely the styloids causing that! I’m booked in, in just under 5 weeks, which is amazing! I decided to go private, as the impact this has had on my mental well-being, my work and kids is too much. It’s taken over 2.5 years to get an answers to my symptoms and I just need to get as much of my life back.


I’m so pleased for you that you’re able to do that & get surgery so quickly. Will pray that it all goes well :pray: