Insurance issues

So now I have the problem that no one except Medicare for insurance, anyone else had this issue and found a surgeon that will help, is there anyone in Minnesota that does vascular?

@Millymay - How frustrating that the doctors you’ve seen don’t take Medicare. I actually find that surprising.

ENTs affiliated with a hospital generally take Medicare because hospitals are required to take it. Dr. Hackman (UNC ENT Oncology Clinic/NC Cancer Hospital) in Chapel Hill, NC & Dr. Cognetti (Thomas Jefferson University Hospital) in PA are examples of doctors with hospital affiliations. ENTs who are skull based surgeons are usually cancer specialists. You can also try a Maxillofacial or Head & Neck surgeon. Some of our members have had their ES surgeries done by a vascular surgeon who worked together w/ a neurosurgeon.

As far as I know, there aren’t any doctors in MN who take care of vascular ES - that doesn’t mean there aren’t any just that I’m not aware of any. Dr. Hepworth in Denver, CO, is probably the vascular ES doctor closest to you.

I’m sorry for your situation & will pray that you’re able to find a doctor in your state who can help you w/ vascular ES. :hugs: :pray:


I’m going to look into getting some different insurance, see if that would help