Intercranial hypertension/ natural meds/?

Hi ,has anyone has tried any supplements for head pressure ? dr ordered some blood thinners which im afraid since gi issues . I heard milk thistle?

Also the strangulation feeling is being intense . what did you take for that ?thanks

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I didn’t try anything other than keeping propped up at night, so sorry I can’t help! I hope you do find something which improves things for you…


Hi Fabi!

Head pressure and hypertension is awfull and it can be quite scary!

The strangulation is by far the worst symptom off ES, nerve pain comes second in my opinion.

In my journey i would handle this several ways.

  • Hot/Cold patches or pillows around neck and temporal bone. Moving it around as you’ll feel it soothing in different places.
  • Take a hot shower in about 5-10 min and then straight in bed or a dark well ventilated room, as hot as you can possible handle just make sure you don’t burn yourself.
  • Light stretching off neck.
  • Go outside and get fresh air.
  • Use sunglasses as needed to cope with light sensetivness.
  • Massage your sinuses, temporal bone and brain stem.
  • I would also somtimes use Liquid Melatonin, though it is for sleeping but it helps to relax.
  • Caffein can help stimulate blood flow or get you to relax.
  • I would avoid alcohol and nicotine for some few weeks.
  • Drink alot off water or tea.
  • Sometimes i would get soothing help by eating icecream or drinking icewater.
  • Taking Magnesium and fish oil would also help for bloodflow and muscle relaxation.
  • Avoid fatty meals for awhile.

Hope this helps!

  • Henrik

I have been interested in trying natural alternatives for head pressure too. I found relief from sleeping in an elevated position as Jules recommended. Also, I read that magnesium sulfate can help, so try soaking in an epsom salt bath or doing a foot soak. I have done some foot soaking with epsom salts & it may have helped some. In addition, losing some weight is also supposed to help reduce intracranial head pressure. In fact, the doctor mentioned that even 5 lbs can sometimes make a difference, but from what I’ve read it seems that about 10% weight reduction seems to show some easing of symptoms (I’m working on that one, so don’t know yet). It would also be good to try to follow an anti-inflammatory diet. I know that milk thistle is good for cleansing the liver & is anti-inflammatory, so that could probably be helpful. Dandelion tea is also supposed to be good for head pressure, but have not tried that yet. Another thing I’ve tried has been to rub frankincense, peppermint, and lavender essential oils diluted in a carrier oil onto the back of my neck and skull base. I’ve done this before going to sleep & that has made my head feel better. It may also help to take a magnesium supplement & fish oil. I hope that you find some things that will work to help you feel better! Please let us know if you try something that is very effective for you.


Interesting idea ! This is almost witchcraft :woman_mage:

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What do you use as the carrier oil, @vap? Lavender oil is known to help w/ relaxation & sleep, but the combination of all three sounds interesting. I bet it smells good, too!


thank you for your suggestions

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I’ve used different carrier oils, such as castor oil or jojoba oil. I’ve also used argan oil since it gets rubbed into my hair and figured it might help condition that as well :). Anyway, I don’t always use it & sometimes leave out the peppermint and just use the frankincense and lavender. It does smell nice too. Also, my primary care provider said that castor oil is beneficial for helping with scarring.


Not witchcraft at all, but using the plants that God has provided for healing. Here’s a link to an article from WebMd in case you’re interested: Frankincense Essential Oil: Health Benefits, Dosage, and More

As with anything, including pharmaceutical drugs, different things work and don’t work for different people.


I wonder if ultrasound to the neck area might help. Not exactly an herbal remedy, but less invasive than surgery. Also, otehr things which may affect soft tissue, like massage and P.T.

Also many with hEDS get some relief by addressing MCAS. it seems to improve the condition of the connective tissue. So anything you can do to control mast cells in your body, like antihistamines, might be worth exploring. Again, perhaps npot strictly a natural remedy, here, but something.


I have found that sacral cranial alignment works best to relieve intracranial hypertension. Some massage therapists and most osteopaths are trained in sacral cranial alignment. It is a very gentle technique that helps with the flow of cerebral fluid.