Internal Scar Tissue Treatment

Did anyone have scar tissue develop under their neck incision? Does the scar tissue get softer in time? Is there anything I should be doing to lessen the hard lumps under my incision site.

I did not have the surgery yet but I’ve read a lot that people say you have to massage the scar

My ENT recommended a product called Mederma which is a scar reducing cream. How a scar ends up looking is based on the body's reaction to being injured & how vigorously it lays down new tissue; also, the way the surgeon sutures the wound can impact its smoothness. I have used Mederma on my neck scar almost twice a day since my surgery last Nov. & my scar is not too obvious, but again, that may be because my surgeon did a good suturing job & my body didn't go into overdrive trying to repair itself. Mederma has lots of good reviews on Amazon. It's also available at most chain drug stores and probably Target. I am also now using it on a scar that has resulted from stitches I got after my bike accident. This scar is very raised & not nice looking & right next to my left eye. I will be surprised if the Mederma can do anything for it, but I'll keep you posted. The Mederma tubes are small & moderately expensive ($20 at the drug store - cheaper on Amazon) but they do last a long time.

I talked to a surgeon friend about the lumpy scar next to my left eye from my recent bike accident, & he suggested that I use oil (Vitamin E or coconut oil is good) on it & massage it gently several times a day to get it to flatten out. If you try Mederma and don't see any improvement after a month, you might try the oil & massage...or try the oil & massage first & Mederma if that doesn't work.