Massage tips?

Wondering if anyone has massage tips to share…especially in such a thin area such as behind ear. Often I see recommends to “twist” well-healed scars to break up scar tissue. But in this area, it almost seems impossible. Wondering what’s worked for others as well as how much pressure to use without jabbing your self in the side of the throat, lol.
Thank you!


I still massage the area around my scar every so often with Bio-oil as the skin & muscles around it get tight, maybe once a week or fortnight. I just put enough pressure on so it’s not too painful…


I used vitamin E oil and just pressed down medium firmness and rubbed back and forth the whole length of the scar. My doctor told me to do this. Make sure it has healed some though before you massage. My scar is completely flat now. My surgery was July 20, 2021. Be patient as it takes many months ok?