My TMJ specialist is concerned about my jaw and intubation during (ES) surgery. The dr is worried about stressing TMJ too much with the tube. It has taken a long time but I can only open 1-1.5inch. Is intubation the only choice or are there other ways to sedate without intubation? Thanks in advance

I think they can do it through your nose too, called "Nasotracheal Intubation", most often used in oral surgery. You should ask about it.


Thx RB, I want to get the surgery,but then I start thinking about the intubation with my TMJ :confused:
I will ask the ENT doctor about it.

I discussed this with Dr. Forrest since I also have a limited ability to open my mouth. He said it would not be a big concern. I would ask your surgeon. Best of luck!

Hi JKL do you have TMJ also or you have limited Opening cause of ES?

It’s due to my TMJ. It was my TMJ specialist that first suspected Eagle’s…he called it right after my first X-ray!

JKL do you wear a splint? What your TMJ specialist say about the intubation? Your getting surgery for ES rt?

I spoke to my TMJ doc this morning and he isn’t concerned about the intubation. He is going to send a detailed report to my surgeon but said it shouldn’t be an issue. Yes, I am having ES surgery. My surgeon explained that the intubation tube isn’t really too big, and he has done surgery on TMJ patients before so he is aware. I think as long as your surgeon knows your issue he should be able to deal with it. Good luck!! Oh, yes I do wear a splint, I have had it for about 5 weeks and it is helping!

Thx for your respond JKL, wish you the best on you coming surgery :slight_smile:

Thank you!!