Is Dr Nuss still doing Styloidectomies?

I’ve read a few places on here where dr Nuss is referring over to another surgeon now. I have an appointment with him next week and didn’t know if he is still doing them? If anyone has info that would be awesome.

Would they give you that info over the phone? It might be worth checking before you go for the appt?

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I’m going to call and ask for Dr Nuss nurse and just make sure. Because I seen where he was referring to some other person.

Good plan, Calebp. I hope he doesn’t refer you elsewhere. Your comment is the first we’ve heard of that happening.

So he is still doing them and might I add that Dr Nuss is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He talked to me about everything and evaluated me for an hour and a half.


That is TOTALLY AWESOME!! So many doctors won’t give that much time to a patient anymore. He probably enjoyed that you have medical knowledge & could talk to him at his level. Did you get a surgery date scheduled or are you getting an opinion from another doctor?

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Really glad to hear that, emma saw Dr Nuss and found him really helpful.

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He told me he is going to go over my case with the radiologist and his team to see if there is anything he is missing. I do have a small amount of calcification further down and I asked him about that and he said he said he would have to be careful going that far down because of the amount of obstacles (nerves and vessels) he would have to go through. But have y’all heard of the ligament that’s left over after the surgery calcifying. I asked him and he said that once you separate the top from the bottom then the calcification should stop and go away.

There seem to be mixed opinions about leaving a bit of stylohyoid ligament in place. Some doctors feel the whole ligament needs to come out to keep further problems at bay where others feel it’s ok to leave a little down at the hyoid end.

If the ligament is already somewhat calcified, it won’t uncalcify when detached but if enough of what is above it is removed, it won’t have any more ligament for calcium to form on, therefore, it can’t elongate further (does that make sense?). If there’s a little left that is detached from the styloid, it can be asymptomatic. I have some calcified bits of ligament down near my hyoid that I don’t believe were removed, & they have caused me no trouble for going on 7 years now.

It sounds like your bigger problem is up by your skull base & C-1. I’m betting that getting that section of your styloid removed will make a HUGE difference in how you feel. Dr. Nuss is a very experienced surgeon. If he’s taking the extra steps to go over your case/CT scan w/ a radiologist, you know he’s being thorough & can trust his judgment. That said, as you know, doctors have to work from their experience base & what works well for one patient isn’t always the perfect fix for another. We always hope for the best though.

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