Unsuccessful operation anyone?

I am 2 months post op and unfortunately do not notice any change. I still have the constant foreign body in right side of throat, ear ache, squelching in ear, swallow doesn't feel right on right side either. The surgeon removed calcification from the ligament and said he actually 'split' my styloid, I still don't know what he meant by that. I will ask him about why is hasn't worked on the 24th when he said I will probably have an injection in the area where I feel the foreign body. They have also recently found a 5.5mm calcified lung nodule, I will be having a biopsy of it in a few weeks, but I was just wondering if anyone happens to have the same?

Hi Natalie I am in uk too!! how are you now any better ? I would like to ask what doctor operated on you and whether the surgery was intraoral or external ? thanks and get better soon !!!

maybe you have TOS????

The surgeon just removed calcification from the ligament and not the ligament? I've never heard of that. I've never heard of splitting the styloid either. To me it sounds like he didn't take enough, if any, of the styloid and ligament out.