Is sore throat normal?

Hi everyone, I wanted to see if anyone has experienced severe pain in the back of the throat particularly on the symptomatic side.

I have been suffering with classic ES symptoms for nearly a year now, ear, neck, jaw pain etc but the last week I have felt this new pain which by far is the one which is now the most problematic. I’m concerned as I’m starting to feel pain when swallowing, talking in the back of my throat which was not there before! Please let me know if you have experienced this or know whether ES can cause this?

Wanted to add, that the pain is felt in the area behind the tonsil where the ear meets the throat, so more to the side of the back of throat and often causes pain to radiate into the ear. Hope that makes sense.

Yes i have the exact same problem. This is new for me. I get CT Scan of throat / neck/jaw next week. Sore throat and swollen gland since October. First investigated thyroid issue and while I have a few small nodes - doesn’t explain my pain. Endocrinologist suggested I see ENT because of my tonsil - thought it could be my throat. First he put me on antibiotic (azithromyicin) and that did nothing. I get hoarse, extreme pain like someone is pushing a broom handle in through my mouth and poking hard on my right side in my throat - all my symptoms are only on right side. No fever. I feel like i have something stuck in my throat at times and pressure swallowing.

yes, I have problems swallowing and the feeling of something pressing on the back of my tongue which makes me feel sick. If I put my finger to the left of my tongue I can feel ? the calcified ligament in my throat ( it feels like a bone).

Thank you Gail and cjeagle for your replies. Helps to know what others are experiencing.

I’m sorry you’re also experiencing these symptoms and hope you find a doctor that can help. xx

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Thanks Isaiah.