JKL How are you doing post op?


I hope you are still doing really well! Thinking of you and wondering how its going. Swallowing still better? Pain still improved? Because of you, I did get in touch with Dr Forrest. I am sending my CD's to him to see what he thinks. My last ENT visit was a waste of time, even after going there twice and getting the scan they requested.

Anyway, how is it going?


Eaglerosie (Sharon)


Hi! I'm happy to report that I feel pretty darn good!! The swallowing issues are GONE. Considering the left styloid is still there and pretty big, I'm amazed at how much the swallowing and voice have improved. Pain from the surgery was about 90% gone after 10 days and going on 3 weeks post up it's gone completely. I completely forgot about everything the other day and lifted a bag of groceries...not a good idea! I got a little twinge as a reminder but no serious harm done.

I am so glad you contacted Dr. Forrest. He's such a compassionate man and clearly skilled in all things related to the throat. I was blessed the day this forum led me to him. I am scheduling my follow up with him later today and will keep you posted. Please let me know what he says!

'Woo Hoo, I am so glad that we have found Dr. Forrest. Thanks to the first patient who recommended him. JKL, please let him know that many Eagles sufferers are grateful for what he does. Hope you stay well and hope Eaglerosie will do well also.

I am putting my scans in the mail to him today, special trip to post office in about an hour! So glad you are feeling so good... and that the trip and experience has been well worth it for you! THANKS EVERYONE! Thanks JKL for paying it forward!