2 month post op update

Hi it’s been a while since I updated. I’m feeling pretty good. I’m a little over 2 months post op. At first I didn’t think the surgery was a success as all my eagles symptoms were still present after surgery but slowly they are disappearing. All my es symptomes were nerves. The styloid caused nerve damage. It was over 6cm no wonder! But they are healing. Praise Jesus! I feel about 70% better and every day my symptoms improve. Some days are worse then others but I can definitely tell the surgery was a success! My surgeon was my life savor. My scar is healing nicely as well. Some numbness under jaw but it’s improving. Thank you all.foe the support. I will continue to update and offer support to others.


So glad to hear your excellent report Magen7984.

May God fully bless your New Year w/ more healing & deeper faith in Him.

That’s really good news! I’m so glad that you’re noticing regular improvements still, & that you feel the surgery was sucessful! Thank you for coming back on with an update- it’s good for members to hear those stories!
God Bless!

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