Had my intraoral surgery yesterday

Hi everyone. I’m still in hospital as we can’t stabilize my blood pressure since surgery. It is extremely low and apparently if it had not come up by tomorrow after using different methods they have been trying, then I will be going into intensive care unit and put on some medications to help it. The pain of tge surgery is pretty intense at the moment and I’m keeping up with all pain killers in liquid form and also through my IV. I camt tell yet if the surgery has helped anything but I do feel a little freer in my ear and parts of my throat and neck… But until this pain subsides a bit, I can’t say for sure. Will post as the recovery continues. Love and light my friends.

Rest up and let the med staff take good care of you. Welcome to the post side!! :).

Not liking post side at all… I’m hoping it feels a whole lot better than this. More importantly after the surgery pain goes that I can tell the extent the eagles has improved. Forgive me… I’m not in my happy place right now. Xxx

thank you for sharing...the real side...ALL of us out here are sending you healing wishes...heart-hug

Everything will get better! Just be patient. I know its hard dealing with this intense pain! Sending blessings♡

Very best wishes for a speedy recovery and pain free life!!

Its a hard time and pain post op intraoral can be almost unbearable at times. I hope that you will soon get relief and fully recover.

All the best
Eagle Rose