Jugular vein stents after eagles removal

Hi. Has anyone had stents in jugular after eagles was removed? My jugulars r not opening and i have possible residual stenosis by c1. I am not sure if ill need c1 shaved or just stents. Anyone have this done and how r u doing? Did it help?

Thank you!

Hope to have this done in the next few weeks - will let you know!


Who will be doing ur stenting? One side or both at one time? Please please keep me updated. Praying for you :pray:t2::two_hearts:

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Also did u have c1 or just styloids removed?? :pray:t2:

One of the research papers TheDude posted mentions that stenting done alongside styloidectomies gives good results.

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I am working on getting a new NVIR in Denver at a hospital not so overrun with COVID. Any treatment (balloon or st.ent in) will depend on pressure gradients at the time of the angiogram. Nothing has been done to my C1, both styloids have been removed

@justbreathe did you ever get stents?

No I did not