Jugular vein stents

Anyone here have styloidectomy and then jugular vein stents? How are you doing?

No styloidectomy, but I’ve got multiple stents on both sides. Made a huge difference!


Nice to hear that it’s helping you!

@Chromechaser66 wow how many stents in both jugulars? Can i ask who did the stents? When did you have them pit in? So u dont need styloids removed- u dont have eagles? How was stent recovery. Any issues? It helped with symptoms?

( sorry so many questions. Not many people have jugular stents)

That’s great news, Chromechaser! So glad you’ve found a solution that has been very helpful.

I had the stents placed in 2015 by Dr. Richard Fessler with Michigan Head & Spine Institute. He felt that any surgery to remove the styloids was far too risky and he could protect my carotids with stents. Recovery was pretty rough for 2-3 days as they go in through your femoral artery in the groin (getting out of bed HURT, stairs brought tears). But it was decent after that.


I never heard of this before. It was put in your artery not in your jugular veins?

Stents were placed in my carotid arteries - both sides.

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