Just had surgery today

I’m home and resting but finding that difficult as the surgery seems to have opened a flood gate for sticky phlegm from my sinuses and it’s getting caught in my throat an very hard to expect. The nurses said that is not common. Anyone else have this issue? What can i do?

PS doc said it was a success. the the styloid was a bit longer and thicker than average. he cut as far back as was calcified. that’s all i know.

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I’ve never chatted with you yet, but saw this morning that your surgery was set for today. I’ve thought about you several times today, and glad to see you’re home resting! Hopefully someone has an answer to the sinus phlegm issue you’re experiencing. I’m wondering if antihistamine would help? Maybe you could ask the doc tomorrow if it’s okay to try it, and make sure it’s not contraindicated for any reason.

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Hi sixgunsue,

So glad your surgery is now behind you. I don’t recall anyone having that specific issue, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we have members who have.

I’m wondering if the phlegm is actually a reaction in your throat to the breathing tube used during surgery. Sometimes our bodies produce phlegm as a protective device & thus your body would be trying to protect your irritated throat from further irritation.

My first thought for treatment would be a cough medicine (even though you aren’t coughing) w/ an expectorant in it as that would help break up the phlegm. Mucinex comes to mind but there are others on the market. I completely agree w/ bjane, though, it’s really important for you to ask your doctor before adding a new medication, even one that’s OTC.

So glad that you’re through surgery! I hope that you soon find ES symptoms have improved, & can rid of that phlegm…maybe steaming your head like you do with a cold might help loosen it?#
I’ve had a look through the past discussions & a couple of mentions but no tips, except Kay said this after her surgery ‘I have a pretty good sore throat but it’s getting better…ice water helps and I am also drinking green tea which helps all the mucous that seems to accumulate in my throat’, & one member said that dairy can make phlegm worse…
Will be praying for your recovery, take care of yourself :bouquet: :hugs: :pray:

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