Just over three weeks post operative!

Hello Fellow Eagle's

Just a quick update again. I started working again so my time is a bit limited. Despite a bit of discomfort where the surgery was, I feel great! My surgery was a huge success despite that it was made more complex by all the scar tissue from the previous surgery. I give God all the glory for leading me to a very gifted/blessed surgeon. 98% of the pain is gone!!!

I would be more than happy to recommend my surgeon here on the Gold Coast - he is just fantastic. He did a wonderful job. PLEASE feel free to contact me if you do need support here in Australia, I am more than happy to weigh in or just be an ear if you need one.

I am not considering having my left side done, yet. I am going to wait a bit, let the right side heal first and then see how I go. If I experience the same symptoms as I had on the right, I won't hesitate to have it done. I see Dr Sam in three months again.

Yep, almost bubbling again, lol!

Warm wishes

Bubbles without her right tusk :)

Thank you for updating!!!! I am really glad for you-- you must feel amazing...what a sigh of relief!