Five month post operative

I think my fellow Eagle Syndrome friends deserve to know the progress I made since having surgery. I am very happy with the outcome to say the least. I honestly can’t complain about the little pain and discomfort I experience at times.

The tinnitus I have are some days annoying especially when the humidity is very high. Not sure whether that will clear after I have my left side done. I don’t have a date on that side simply because I want to put it off for as long as I can.

We all know the risks and the benefits and I simply don’t want to put my body through surgery if it is not absolutely necessary. To be quite honest I think I am just terrified of being on the operating table for such a long period of time.

The facial numbness I still experience is very mild and the overall sensation is returning to normal slowly but surely. I remember with my cervical spine surgery it took over 12months to fully restore so to speak.

I hope this puts a lot of fellow sufferers mind at ease. If you have a surgeon who has a good solid knowledge and experience in the neck, face and throat area you have your life back!

Please feel free to contact me – I don’t mind at all. Just remember: Don’t give up, press on!

Bubbly Bubbles :)

Hey, glad to see you are recovering well. I wish you all the best.

i would just like to ask you some questions.

How was eating food. Could you eat solid foods for the first week or did you have to eat mashed up food?

The side that you were operated on. Did it make that side of the face sort of droopy? Because of the nerves there?

Did you experience alot of neck and shoulder pain before the surgery and if so, is the pain gone?

Yay!! Happy to hear that you are doing so well!! :)

I notice my tinnitus gets worse during high humidity too.... and my other symptoms get worse as well. My ears back up and have more pressure which messes with my balance.

Do you feel more pressure while this is going on?

I had surgery on left side (back in Oct) and am having the right side removed later this month.

Thanks for posting :)

Take care,


Hi KenD and Lailei

Yes, the pressure more noticeable when the humidity is high. Lailei all the best, keep us posted!

Ken D I ate solid foods the very next morning after surgery - I could eat whatever I wanted without any problem.

My face aren’t ‘droopy’ at all, it looks pretty normal. My scar healed perfectly and it is in fact not even noticeable!

I gave Dr Sam a good review. He is so lovely!

Who was your surgeon?

Dr Sam Dowthwaite :)

I’m almost 1year up from getting my Cervical Spine Fusion ( June 2013 ). Just had my first visit with Dr. Arick Forrest in Columbus Ohio, 3/31/14. So I’m in so much pain and trying to get through it until this June. My Styloids are bilateral & almost meet at my hyoid bone. So I wanted to know about where the surgical site is? External but where and how long? I’m just curious as that will be my next visit no doubt? I like Dr Forrest & his Staff. I just can’t praise this site enough for the emotional & general Support. The outcomes of surgery, the good Doctors that are Eagle’s Literate! Thank you Everyone that uses these sites for help! Thank you Scott Orn