3 week post op follow up

Just a quick note, my appointment went well yesterday. Dr said I have healed very well. He cleaned out what little bit of build up I had in my sinuses. I asked him about still having some pressure in my left temple area, if there was still some swelling maybe, he said yes and the pressure should eventually go away once all is healed. I also mentioned to him that my right side has now had some tenderness under and around my ear area. I thought hopefully it’s just post-surgery healing/settling going on. I had seen a couple posts where people said they had surgery and then the other side which previously had no problems seemed to flare up. I have had some minor issues with the other side before but he had said the CT scan showed normal for my right side. We are gonna wait it out and see what happens with it and I go back to see him in March.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year!

So glad things are going well for you!!! Thanks for the update!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Hey girl! I hope you are enjoying the holidays and your time off. I am happy to hear things seem to be going well! I’m experiencing the same thing. I seem to be having a flare up on the right side. I do have bilateral ES. Both styloids were elnogated - the left where I had surgery was fully calcified but the ligament was soft and fine… the right side is partially calcified in different spots. I think I am going to eventually have to have surgery. Time will tell. I think it will take months for our nerves to settle and go back to normal. It will be a waiting game :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re doing well. We end up having to do the other side of my son as well. He did show bilateral elongation and calcification from the start. He was doing really well after the first surgery and then about a month, he started having symptoms on the other side which progressed. We finally decided to have the second side done three months after the first side. Glad we did!

Hi Redirish,

How are you doing now?

curious what do you mean cleaned out your sinuses? I have a cyst in my sinus cavity since last year it has gotten bigger it now 4.5 cm. I also have been diagnosed with eagles. My eagles runs along the hydoid bone. I wonder if it possibly that the cyst in my sinus can cause my eagles symptoms? I going to ENT hear on Thursday for that. I seeing a Dr. out of state for the eagles. Glad to hear you are doing so much better and well!

Hey Isaiah, I’ve been meaning to post an update and just hadn’t gotten around to it. I’ve been doing ok. I still have a little irritation in my throat sometimes, and some pressure in my neck, but not nearly like it was. I also still had the pressure/headache feeling on my left side temple area for awhile, but my sinuses must be healing because I don’t notice it as much anymore. I’m still tired all the time, I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of the chronic fatigue tho. Wish I knew what that was from. And my right side, which had some symptoms but he said was normal doesn’t bother as much as it was.

Gods Blessing- I had sinus surgery also when I had my tonsillectomy/styloidectomy to unblock my sinus cavities. I had sinusitis caused by allergies that antibiotics would not take care of so therefore the surgery. At my follow up the ENT used a couple tools to go up into my sinuses and suction out any mucus that was up there.

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