Kjetil Larsen - MSK Neurology - Imaging Assessment

@Eaglefatigue and me had a nice conversation and she said that she was diagnosed by Kjetil Larsen as she also described in her summary.

Maybe he is an option for those struggling getting an appropriate diagnosis. Especially for our Canadian friends maybe.

Kjetil is not a medical doctor though, but he seems to be a very strong appraiser.
An half hour consultation via Skype costs $100 as you can find in the treatment section on his webpage:

I think I’ll hear him as a second or rather third or more opinion too…


Thank you so much for posting it.
When I was struggling with a bunch of strange neurological symptoms, Kjetil would be the FIRST one, who asked „what else“?
He is the only one I met, who would be interested in exact symptoms and then to have a high quality look at my CTs and MRIs.
He figured it out within 10 minutes.
Bilateral VES plus classic ES.
Images were seen by several radiologists before… no pathological findings.
So I‘d recommend him to anyone, who does have scans, especially, because access is easy and mostly accessible within two weeks or so.
I‘m so glad to have found this support group.
Especially having all this weird IJVS symptoms, such as debilitating fatigue, stroke like episodes, postural tremor and ataxia, and so on.


I have had several reviews by Kjetil. yes he knows his stuff. But medical doctors often dismiss the reports because, as stated, he is not a medical doctor himself. He also diagnoses without in-person evaluation. so it helps to be mindful of this. With these conditions it helps to get multiple reviews of studies


I’m glad that you were able to get diagnosed, & hope that you can find someone to do surgery…

Thanks for the info!

Hi Jules,
I’ve read almost all of your posts. Just, because it made me feel like I’m not crazy… All these vascular symptoms, which make you feel like…
After 3 years I finally got the feeling to have a diagnosis… I’d feel like shorter, slower, fatigued, dizzy…
I’m scheduled for January, 19th in. Bonn with Dr. Heim. Still have to figure out, if he’s willing to do both sides at once. Or if I want it after reading all of your advice….
He’s done like 100 surgeries till now… but he wouldn’t believe in vascular Eagle until October this year. So it’ all kind of strange. And I feel absolutely insecure…


I’m glad that you found the info helpful! Those symptoms can certainly be weird…
I think quite a few doctors aren’t that understanding about vascular ES, so don’t let that put you off! Having both sides at once isn’t often done, I don’t think I’d have wanted it even if I’d been offered it, but quite a few members in the US have had surgery with one doctor & have done well.
I’m glad that you have a date for surgery, (? is it surgery or a consultation?) and not too long away! Hope that your symptoms don’t stop you enjoying Christmas :relaxed: