Laukonis Potential Eagle Syndrome diagnosis

I went to the orthodonist to get xray for braces. They said I may have Eagle’s based on xray - I’ve attached. They recommended to go to cardiologist for calcification. It also looks like left syloid is elongated. Everything I read online I should go to ENT. I have an appt scheduled in October. Has anyone been referred to a cardiologist.
Also, Please look at my xray and let me know if anything looks abnormal. I plan to ask for a CT scan to get a better look at the styloid processes…thanks.

I’m confused as to what is meant by go to the cardiologist for calcification.

laukonis -

First the caveat - I’m not a doctor…but in my opinion, your left styloid does look elongated & either broken, or your stylohyoid ligament is also partially calcified (see 2 smaller pieces below your styloid process). It’s hard to tell from the x-ray, but a CT scan will make things more clear.

An ENT is the doctor you want to see. Not sure why your dentist would send you to a cardiologist unless it’s because he’s concerned about plaque in your arteries (which can contain calcifications). If you haven’t had heart problems, I’d head to an ENT first. Check the US Doctors’ List to see if there’s someone near you as getting started w/ a doctor familiar w/ ES will take you much farther than being dismissed by an ENT who doesn’t know about it or doesn’t believe it’s really a problem.
EaglesSyndromeUSDoctors August 2017.docx (38.3 KB)

That’s interesting, never heard of anyone being referred to a cardiologist straight off, but we have had several members who’ve had heart arrhythmias etc., potentially caused by the styloids compressing either the carotid artery or maybe the vagus nerve. Have you had any symptoms like that?
I agree that the styloid looks a bit long & there’s either broken pieces of styloid or calcified parts of ligaments there too. If there’s not an experienced ENT on the list that Isaiah posted the link to then it’s worth looking to see if there’s any skull base/ otolaryngologists about in your area, as they’re used to operating in that area.

Thanks for responses. I have no problems with heart or cholestrol issues. my blood work is great. The orthodonist clerical treatment coordinator was concerned with calcification and therefore recommended cardiogolist. I think she don’t understand ES. I’m going to ENT first and getting the CT scan first to see what they say. I have an appt in about a month. October 16.

I think I may have symptoms that may suggest ES. i have had stress in my neck and jaw areas (both sides). I did go to primary care doctor for that several years. he put me on EKG with no problems with my heart. I also have some right ear issues.

I have had several traumatic injuries that I think may contibuted to the neck and jaw strain, and right ear aches. 8 years ago I fell through the ceiling of my house on to the floor below cracking a few vertebre in my neck (which healed over time). I don’t remember the specific vertebre I cracked. 3 years ago I got in car accident. car hit my car at high rate of speed, which caused ring in right ear for several days. I didn’t go to doctor for that.

I’ll see if I can find a experienced ENT on list…thanks. Broken pieces of styloid, I wonder how that would happen. Maybe its just calcified as you just.

I just made an appt with Dr. Steven Chang in Detroit on October 3…He’s part of Henry Ford Hospital which my insurance covers…he was on the ENT list. He is the director of cancer for head and neck and does surgery on head and neck Hopefully, he’ll do a good job. I’m assuming they all know how to take CT scans and evaluate them so hopefully he’ll be good.

I also had my adenoids taken out as a child…i read this may contribute to ES…just learning/reading at this point.

Hi laukonis,
Thank you for the good information. There does seem to be a link between head/neck injuries & ES. That is not to say everyone that has a head/neck injury ends up w/ ES but that many who have ES have had head/neck injuries.
Here are 3 scenarios: 1) Having your adenoids removed left scar tissue in your throat area that caused the styloids to elongate &/or ligaments to calcify. 2) Your neck injury 8 years ago could have caused inflammation that put stress on your styloids &/or stylohyoid ligaments causing the styloid(s) to elongate &/or ligament(s) to calcify. 3) The car accident 3 years ago could have fractured your styloid, or it could have caused the elongation/calcification.
Please make sure the radiologist scans your styloids bilaterally & not just on the left side. It’s not uncommon to experience symptoms on the opposite side of the body from where the irritation/inflammation is, but it’s also possible you’re having right-sided symptoms because your right styloid is also elongated. It wasn’t visible in the picture you posted so there’s no way to tell w/o an image of it.
So glad you found a doctor on the list who’s on your insurance. It seems the best ES surgeons are cancer specialists of head, neck, throat areas & are also often skull-based surgeons.

Thanks Isiah for the information…very helpful…you are probably more knowledgeable than alot the ENTs out there…if you click on the picture you can see styloids both on left and right side of face. I’ll make sure the ENT scans both sides…also its good to know that cancer specialists on head and neck are best surgeons…I’m sure glad I found this sight…again thanks for your insight.

Got it. Thx for the tip. The right side looks pretty normal but then it’s a bit hard to tell for sure.
Experience is a good teacher!!
Happy to help.

Glad that you’ve been able to see a doctor on the list- I hope that you don’t have to wait for too long! He should know what to order for the CT scan, but you can always check with the radiologist when you have your scan that it’s being evaluated for ES. You could always ask about the calcification / cardiologist issue too, but it does sound like the neck trauma could well be the likely cause!

Thanks Jules!

I have been to a cardiologist for irregular heart beat…I have a feeling because your carotid artery is close to where the styloid is impinging that could be the reason for the referral. Since having my surgery on 8/22 I haven’t had any heart issues. I wish you the best of luck, and if you have questions about surgery I would be happy to help.

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Glad that things have improved for you, so good of you to let members know about symptoms which have been resolved!