LazyKB had surgery today

Hey Eagle Members,

Please keep LazyKB in your thoughts and prayers for a swift recovery from surgery today, May 2nd. LazyKB was two hours into post-op when I read about the surgery in the discussion section. Good luck LazyKB and keep us posted when you feel better on your healing status.

Thanks for the post :) It's 2 days post op and I feel pretty good. I have some swelling and bruising on my neck and even on my chest. The biggest problem at this point is that just like when the doc tried to palpate it last month, messing with that area sent me into the worst flare ever. The same thing happened this time: migraine, tooth pain, jaw pain, neck pain, etc. The pain is under control with a steady stream of Percocet, but the million dollar question is, will this all go away and stay away after it heals? I will keep you posted.


I Hope you feel better soon. Inflammation maybe the reason for all the pain and symptoms. Are you taking any NSAID's? Rest, Rest, Rest and take the Percocet. No need to suffer. How long were your styloids and how much of the styloid did they remove? Did the doctors give you any details on the surgery? Share more when you are well enough to do so.

Never mind lazykb I just read your discussion post that 4.5 cm was removed. :-)

hope you are feeling better LazyKB!

Thanks Scott! Another update, 5 days post op now. Ever since I woke up the next day after surgery, I have been in a flare with a migraine, tooth pain, ear pain and neck and shoulder pain. A similar thing happened after my pre op appt when the doc tried to palpate the area both inside and outside of my throat. That flare subsided in about 2 days and never returned until after surgery. I am very comfortable on 1-2 pain meds a day and the headache seems to be easing up each day. I walked my dog yesterday and generally feel about the same as I did before the surgery, only this time I am hopeful that as the trauma heals the pain will also go away and stay away. I am still on liquids and soft food because I can't open my mouth all the way and my throat is sore, even though I had the extraoral procedure. I hope this info helps someone. Feel free to message me with other questions. I will post the bone as soon as I get the pic from my doc...and I was adamant that he took a pic!

Hi Bigs Bugs,

I just re-read my last post and it sounds just like my original post, ooops. To answer your question, the doc didn't tell me much, which is about my only complaint. He told me that he took out 4.5cm and when I asked if I could go home that day, he said no because he had to "go in very deep." In hindsight, it was the anesthesia talking because I ended up staying until around 1 the next day even though he released me at 7am. I'll find out more and post after my follow next week.

Awesome that you walked your dog. Fingers crossed on that headache going away!