Lightheaded, tingly, symptoms when talking

Does anybody else have speech-induced symptoms?

If I talk for long or laugh, I get bad vagal symptoms - very lightheaded, spacey, confused. Stabbing pain in left of hyoid. Tingling in face, hands, feet. Headache at base of skull. Visual changes. Chest pain. Twitching. Hoarse voice, dry throat. Metallic/cold feeling in airways. Metallic taste on tongue.

Episodes last for an hour or two.

Anyone else have symptoms brought on by talking?


The symptoms you are describing have happned to me. But it was more off them in the early stages.

However, after excessive speech i get some burning sensation in my jaw and the roof off my mouth and i get voice changes and hoarse throat. Sometimes i will start to lisp.

And laughing very hard, i often get “first bite” symptoms. A sharp shooting pain in ears and jaw but it goes away after a minute.

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@zeagle - If you click on the magnifying glass image in the upper right of this page & type voice, voice symptoms or vocal symptoms in the search box, many posts will come up where vocal symptoms are mentioned. Yours are more extreme than some & definitely sound related to vagal irritation.

Have you been diagnosed w/ ES yet? I’m sorry if you posted that answer previously. I have trouble keeping track of everyone here. :blush:


Thanks! I tried searching with other terms and didn’t have much luck.

I haven’t been formally diagnosed, an ENT wanted to rule out carotidynia. Took NSAIDs for two weeks which helped the constant throat pain but it comes back when talking.

I also have hEDS and want to rule out dyasautonomia, as many with POTS report similar issues when speaking.


It’ good to leave no stone unturned especially w/ hEDS. We’re here for you as you seek a diagnosis & the correct treatment. :hugs:

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Sorry for jumping randomly in on this, i read some quick explanation about carotidynia. Do you experience migraine regarding this ?

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I do get a headache at the base of my skull as a speech-induced symptom, but it’s not constantly there.

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