Dizziness and vertigo only when turning head?


I have a question about dizziness and vertigo symptoms. I was told that these are unlikely to be related to Eagle since these are more of a 'fixture' with me, meaning turning my head doesn't seem to obviously trigger them. Only they are getting worse and really trouble me, even when I am sat down. It can take all my effort just to walk straight sometimes. I also notice that I feel short of breath and that this coincided with when I first noticed problems with my tonsils. I'd put all these symptoms down to stress and so hadn't connected them to the styloid process that is currently sticking out (very prominently!) from my tonsil. Does anyone else have any similar symptoms that aren't apparently precipitated by moving the head? I feel like I'm going crazy..maybe I am!

Thank you

I had dizziness, weakness, and pulsing constantly - turning my head didn't affect them at all. My second surgery corrected it.

If you can google Vagus Nerve, it is in the same tight area as the styloid. There are many complaints of us that have POTS or POTS like symptoms. I had a tilt table test about 5 years ago and was diagnosed with hyperadrenergic sympathetic. I didnt completely passed out but my heart rate would race and my blood pressure bottom out. Vagus nerve deals with sympathetic (speeds up heart rate / vasoconstriction to vessels) and para-sympathetic slows heart rate/ vasodilates the blood vessels (lowers BP). When ever having POTS my sympathetic causes heart rate speed up too much then the parasympathetic jumps in says SLOW heck down now. Anytime I had an episode, I would lay down and elevate my legs to help bring my blood pressure up. Cause if I didnt I would go head first. Knock myself out!

Dear Dan, Amy & heidemt,
I passed out the other day and it could have been from being Hypotensive, I remember getting up and I felt fine! The next second I blacked out for 25 secs & crumpled to the floor. I didn’t feel all woozy like you do with Orthostatic Hypotension.my whole family was there when it happened and they said I didn’t look like I had a seizure? I don’t know just getting so tired of all the pain and new symptoms.

Thanks for your replies and sorry to hear about what happened the other day Crystal. I'm pretty tired by it all right now too. Wishing you all well.