Lockdown delays

I was due to have my surgery in Scotland on 20th March but was canceled with a we will be in touch when we can letter 3 days b4 surgery.
Just now hearing of other non emergency surgeries taking place and wondered if any one else in the UK has had surgery since lockdown began to ease.
Flair up at the moment is making me impatient

So sorry that you’ve had to wait, it’s rotten timing. There have been a couple of members who are still going through the testing process & have had long delays, can’t think of any members who’ve had surgery recently. It has been said on here that it’s the squeaky wheel who gets the oil, so maybe chase up a bit, see if there’s a cancellation list you could go on? I guess though that as ES isn’t classed as a really urgent surgery, they’ll be concentrating on getting cancer surgeries etc done first. BTW who were you seeing for surgery?
Thinking of you & hope that you don’t have to wait too long…


Hi Iow,

I’m sorry that happened to you, Iow. Hoping things open up there soon so you can move forward with your surgery. These are indeed challenging times!

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