Look this little guy hanging on by a thread

Was able to finally get a front view of my styloids, and I noticed the left guy is barely hanging on by a thread!

Question: does my C1 look normal?

Literally counting down the days until my appointments with Annino and Cognetti. I was reading a few research articles of how styloids can impinge glossopharyngeal nerves when they are over 2.5cm long and cause palatal myoclonus. With both of mine just over 3, I’m hoping removing these bad body’s helps the PM and the constant mandible pain!


Interesting about the left styloid. I expect it’s solidly attached, but the illusion is that its attachment is very short & slim.

I absolutely agree that getting your styloids removed will help resolve your PM & mandible pain. The glossopharngeal nerve is very frequently a victim of elongated styloids. I know mine was.

I’m glad your appts. are coming up in the not too distant future. You’re seeing two of the most experienced ES surgeons on our Doctors List so either one will be a good choice to do your surgeries.

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They are long, wouldn’t surprise me when they’re removed if they’re longer (that often happens as the CTs are done in slices so aren’t always accurate), very strange looking!

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I’m really hoping so, thanks Wendy! I’m curious when I see them if they’ll know anything about PM associations with ES as well.

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Is that pretty common for them to come out longer than shows on CT? I’m definitely going to be asking for a photo!

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Yes. It’s very common for styloids to be longer “in person” (I’d say “in styloid” but that would just be confusing :joy:) than the radiologists measure them. The explanation is that there are tiny spaces between the CT slices that get compressed when a 3D image is made (I think they’re usually measured from a 3D image). The many little spaces between the CT slices aren’t taken into account by radiologists/doctors when measuring the styloids.

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