Mad at the doctors ignorance

I’m laying third day in a bed with terrible pain coming from my cervical area, feel like can’t keep my head up and getting terrible head pressure. Recently I wrote a post there about my problems. I then tried reaching out to radiologist to revisit my scans. I told him about what to look at and about my doubts. He responded to me in a message that there’s no such thing as cervical instability and there’s no way for the bone to press on the JV (he was mentioning that this is pseudoscience). I feel like he didn’t even look into the images (this was obviously a paid “advice”). I answered him with evidence (research/cases of other patients), he didn’t reply back (yet)
What do you think about it? I’m really pissed off.

I think try to get in touch with

(Kraków if I remember well)


So sorry that you’re struggling to get any help, and that you’ve not h=got any answers from this radiologist…the ignorance is sadly astounding, still!
I hope that you can get some help from the radiologist that @vdm has suggested, otherwise there’s a radiologist who has helped quite a few members, here’s his info:
Kjetil Larsen has written numerous research articles about biomechanics, IJV stenosis etc and has helped several members with interpreting their scans. Appts are only available online currently:
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I hope that you can get some treatment soon :hugs: