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I noticed that this thread ended almost a year ago, but I am curious if others experienced discomfort from CBD/THC pills to treat Eagles. I have been told from MDs, and others of the benefit for use in the evening, but it would seem that throat irritation would likely result if using CBD/THC pills and complicate ES with more throat tightness.

A dry herb pipe. Is also good and you get abv which you can also add that to food like peanut butter and jelly or pudding .You can also make tincture with the abv like you said only medical


Unfortunately from my own experience I must say that it is not that easy when it comes to Cannabis for pain treatment. There are different so called “strains” that all contain mostly THC but might have completely different effects depending on the strain. I’d be careful with edibles and pills for beginners as an overdose might easily occur making you feel worse then. That lasts for a much longer time then compared to inhaled vape or smoke.
Since I found my helpful strains and got a bit used to the side effects, that become less over time, Cannabis provides some good relief for my symptoms. Adding CBD can also reduce side effects of THC and in higher doses (120 mg/d) also works against nerve pain. I’m using CBD Oil in capsules with 40 mg each. Never experienced negative effects from that.


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To confirm, do you believe the CBD/THC will worsen the throat discomfort for individuals with ES?

That depends on the individual. Some people have gotten decent relief from symptoms where others have found no help or, as in your case, symptoms were exacerbated.


Hey JPD,
I must agree with Isaiah “That depends on the individual”.
I have been prescribed medical cannabis for a few years now and it seems for some people it’s a wonder drug and yet for others the benefits have not been there or have been outweighed by the side effects. It also seems that the form, be that bud or oil or edibles, can vary the effectiveness for each individual. For example it’s been reported that an oral oil works well for some, but takes time from administration to be processed via the liver before it takes effect. Some medicos are very against smoking, but smoking has an immediate effect. For some people that immediate effect can be a little overwhelming. It really can be a case of weighing the pro’s vs con’s for each person.

I’m a neurosurgical patient. When I started this neuro journey cannabis was still considered to have no medical benefit. Even in mentioning cannabis to a dr, you never really knew what reaction you may have gotten, usually everything from ‘Drug Seeker’ to ‘Nutcase’, but very little in the way of support for canna. Some dr’s are still of that ‘No medical benefit’ mindset and even today for every medico who approves the use of cannabis, in the neurological world, from my experience, there’s another 4 who disapprove. I truly believe it’s a case of trial and error for each individual, just the same as with any other medication.

Hope it helps
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In my case I’m taking MMJ against muscle tension, nerve pain and brainfog/ elevated intracranial venous pressures (at least until last surgery).
From my experience I would say that MJ which is Sativa and contains the terpenes Limonene and Terpinolene the most, often times made things worse or did not help.
Indicas or even Hybrids (Indica & Sativa) containing the terpenes Pinene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene are helpful for me. In edibles there is often no hint to the used strains or terpenes exept the differentiation between Sativa or Indica.

For beginners the dose where side effects like euphoria or even more unplesant like anxiousness etc. occurs lies probably way under the therapeutic dose first. So you have to get used to the cannabis slowly to be able to handle a symptom releaving dose. Easiest for not overdosing is consuming inhaled MJ slowly enough.

Thats only for my point of view. I agree that this is probably not valid in every case, as we are all a bit different. It is try and error like with the other medications I’ve tried.


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It is interesting to hear the various opinions on this. I have seen the medical community shift toward accepting prescribed THC over pain meds in light of the affect pain meds have on individuals.

Personally, I don’t use either but I have researched various forms of relief and often wonder whether it will make ES worse or provide some momentary relief.

Thank you all for your feedback!!!


That’s an interesting article and surprisingly different to the usual stereotype. :grin:

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Interesting study, @TheDude. I wonder what led to their premise & ultimately the study.

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Has anyone tried CBG oil?

If you’re talking about using it on your incision, a number of our members have used it but as an addition to a cream (it comes already mixed in). If you’re asking about it for medicinal/pain relief purposes, we also have a contingent on here who have used it for that - some w/ good results & some w/ mediocre ones.

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