Shout out to medical marijuana for post op pain and swelling


I had my bilateral styloidectomy last Monday. The pain around my ears and jaw can be really intense and I don’t want to keep taking Tylenol to reduce the inflammation. I’m also not taking any oxycodone due to its side effects that haven’t been kind to me.

It finally dawned on me that I read somewhere how medical marijuana can be just as effective for post surgery pain and inflammation as oxy and Tylenol.

I gave it a shot and I have to say I’m actually blown away at how well it works at reducing that painful throbbing from the surgery. It really feels like the internal swelling is way down. And unlike oxy, this won’t make you constipated and might actually encourage bowel movements!

Definitely talk it over with your Dr first, but if I had to chose between this or oxy, I’m choosing medical marijuana every time.


Brand? Form? Dosage?..


I’m honestly not 100% sure. I got this vape pen a while ago from a dispensary to see if it would help with my IIH, but it most definitely did not and made it much worse.

I know it’s a hybrid blend but that’s about it. I really don’t know much about weed, but if you go to a good dispensary that has medical marijuana, they usually are able to find the right blend for the specific relief you’re looking for.


I’ve heard there are some brands that are simply making things worse, esp with synthetic cannabinoids. But honestly not a smoker myself nor ever tried :smiley:

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I guess there’s one benefit to having my surgery in Colorado.


@TheDude has written prodigiously about the benefits of MJ for pain/symptoms relief. I think he also posted links to some research articles about this (but could be wrong). You can search his posts by typing either his name or marijuana in the search box.


Thanks. I actually read those a while ago when looking into medical marijuana for my IIH. Unfortunately, it made things worse, I’m assuming because it would increase my heart rate and blood flow and become of my IJVS it would just turn up the pressure.

Don’t get me wrong, medical marijuana is no opioid. If the goal is complete pain killing than it’s not gonna do the trick as well. I’m using it more for it’s anti inflammatory properties as oppose to taking Tylenol every day.