Mercury and other toxic metals in the mouth?

I was diagnosed with Eagle just 3 days ago, by a panoramic xray from my new mercury free dentist. He suspected Eagle, after my explanation of pain behind my ear, at my initial visit with him. He told me to check it out on the internet. I did, and found that this explained the throat discomfort I've been having as well. Then I scheduled the panoramic, by his recommendation. Which clearly showed the calcified styloid, after lightening the xray on their xray software.

I've also been diagnosed with SAPHO syndrome. This too has issues with soft tissue calcification. I have pain in clavicles and down the right back side of my ribs, along with pustules (diagnosed as Palmoplantar pustulosis psoriasis), and acne problems off and on.....for almost 2 years now.

I watched a documentary called, "A Beautiful Truth", in which a doctor commented that if you had a mercury filling removed by a dentist not trained in safe removal, within 6 months that person would get an auto immune disorder. Pieces began falling into place. I had a large mercury filling removed, and a crown (made of porcelain over metal) put in it's place, in June of 2011. About 1 month later, symptoms of SAPHO started. And it's been downhill from having Eagles Syndrome. Perhaps a coincidence, perhaps a series of events from toxic metals?!

My dentist tells me my crown has chromium in it. I have other mercury fillings. And I'm learning root canals harbor very toxic bacteria that leaches into your body (though I don't have any root canals). These things not only fill you with toxins, they apparently can have EMFs (electro magnetic fields) that mess with your body.

So my question many of you have toxic metals in your mouth? How many with mercury or crowns? Could there be a connection?

Growing up I did not have dental care my mother could not afford it. I think my first filling was when I was 19 and I do not think he used mercury. All of my fillings are a composite that match the color of my teeth. And the 2 crowns I had that were porcelain over metal have since been replaced with porcelain. One crown was over a root canal. So I guess there is a silver lining in not having dental care when I was younger:-). No mercury fillings. Sorry I was not of much help.

Do you recall the time frame between getting your porcelain over metal crowns, and when your ES symptoms started?