Military Neck and effects on Vertebral Arteries

I just came across the article stating that loss of cervical lordosis aka military neck aka straight neck may affect blood flow in vertebral arteries. And this is important as insufficient blood flow through the vertebral arteries can cause symptoms like weakness, brainfog, double vision/dark vision, hearing problems etc.

bulut2016.pdf (664.1 KB)

Because the vertebral arteries are the major source
of blood supply to the cervical spinal cord and brain stem, the
possible factors affecting these vessels warrant investigation.

I’d suspect, when the neck is straight, the vertebral arteries might be under some stretch/tension, thus again, restricting the blood flow/causing turbulence/impingement by the lateral transverse processes…


Looks familiar? Especially Delirium?

And apparently, transient VBI might be caused, among other reasons, by hypertrophic musculature.

Also Bow Hunter’s syndrome etc.

So to me, it all starts making sense. Straight neck and IJV compression also can be accompanied by VBI.

Together, they may cause not only IIH headaches/brain fog/tinnitus etc, but also VBI-related effects, that also are similar and may overlap/amplify them. Therefore even after restoring perfect IJV outflow, there still may be insufficient in-flow to the posterior part of the brain to fully resolve brainfog, tinnitus, cognitive, and some other issues


That’s really interesting, thanks for posting @vdm , we really appreciate that you’re still around helping others even though you’ve had your surgery!


I’m just selfishly trying to help myself with the remaining symptoms… If someone benefits from that as a side effect, then I have nothing to lose!


@vdm - I am benefitting from your research! Thank you so much!! The symptoms in the second post re: VBI, are familiar to me as they are symptoms which coincide w/ Meniere’s Disease. I have long speculated that, at least in my case, there are nerve/vascular components that have gone undiagnosed. Though the lordotic curve in my neck isn’t totally gone, it’s not what it should be. I must get to work in earnest to restore it.