MRI came back negative?

My MRI showed no calcification of the ligament and both styloids were less than 2 cm in length… Does this mean it’s not ES?

I’m trying to get a scan as well…so I have no answer, but can I ask what are your symptoms?? And what did the doctor ( ENT!?) say??

VCKid1982 - I have three answers for your question:

  1. An MRI is not the best type of scan for diagnosing ES. A CT scan will give much more accurate results. Many of the surgeons who have done ES surgeries for members on this forum require a diagnostic CT scan & won’t accept the results of an MRI for diagnosis of ES.
  2. Sometimes the radiologist reading the scan mis-measures the styloids, & they are really longer than noted.
  3. Styloids that are exceptionally thick/pointed, twisted, or oddly angled but are of normal length can also cause ES symptoms.

The symptoms you’ve listed have all been documented w/ ES, so it’s hard for me to say you don’t have it, BUT I’m not a doctor. It would be a good idea for you to get a styloid protocol CT scan if possible.

I do agree with Isaiah; MRIs are not the best scans to diagnose ES. I would want to have a CT & have it properly evaluated , looking at styloid width & angle as well as the length before I accepted that I didn’t have ES.

Keep pressing on…I was told that so many times!