Xray shared of calcified ligament bilateral

I start this topic, cause i was recently into this problem and i would like to see other xray with same problem and share mine.


I’m not good at reading scans, but I can make out the faint styloids in the bottom pictures and they look pretty scary!

We’re not medically trained on here Fabio, just had ES ourselves. X-rays aren’t the best to see ES on; if you can get a CT when you see the doctor that would probably show it better. It’s hard to see clearly on your pics- on the front view looking at the scale on the right of the pic and comparing that to what you can see of the styloid, it doesn’t look too long, but then if you look at the side view pics, the styloids look longer. But in the Newbies section there’s lots of info and details of research studies which show that it’s not necessarily the length of the styloid which causes ES, but also the angle that they’re growing at. If you look at the frontal x-ray, your left styloid (rt side of the pic) looks jointed and as if it could be growing at quite an angle. Also accurate measurement can be difficult in different mediums- we often find that people have their styloids measured on scans, and when they’re removed they turn out to be longer!
We always suggest to people that they do lots of research about ES, compare your symptoms to the ones mentioned in the ES Info in the Newbies section, maybe even print off info to support your case (like the research into the angle causing problems rather than the length), and go prepared to your doctors appt.
I was diagnosed from a panoramic x-ray, but unfortunately didn’t get a copy, so can’t compare it. Sorry, but I hope that this info helps!

very usefull! thanks yo a lot!!