My back 😩

My mid-upper back is in absolute agony for over a week… my neck,ears and jaw also hurt but that pain is normal for me. This back pain is new and out of control, I can’t sleep or sit! Anyone else have this trouble?

Feel for you, but no not had that… shoulder, neck, ear & jaw, muscle spasms between my shoulder blades alot, had physio & it helped the neck & shoulders. Hope you can get some help soon, thinking of you & sending you a hug :hugs:

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It’s between my shoulder blades but radiating down now too !

Have you done any exercise or lifting that might have caused you to have a problem like that? I’ve had that sort of mid-back pain but only for a day or two & not for a week. It was exercise related not from ES.
When muscles we use regularly are compromised, for whatever reason, other muscles take over to help do their job, but since they’re doing work other than what they’re supposed to do, they in turn start having problems. I’m wondering if you have muscles in your neck & upper shoulders that are upset by your ES, & your mid-back muscles are trying to take over to help but the job is just too big so now they’re in spasm? Jules’ suggestion of Physical Therapy is good, but you may need to get a muscle relaxant from your doctor first to get the pain under control. Finding the cause is the most important thing because treating symptoms is only a temporary help.
I hope you’re able to get relief ASAP!
Sending prayers up for you!

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I think you’re right…my neck, shoulders and upper back are so painful, other parts are over compensating. I’m a hairstylist which unfortunately doesn’t help my sorest parts!

Ouch- that must be one of the worst jobs to do with a sore neck & shoulders…

It’s probably the worst thing!! Luckily I don’t work much…very part time… Just enough to pay for massage, accupuncture and chiropractor. I’ve been doing stretching and ice/heat at home. I see a pain management Dr next week to likely get injections. I hope it helps! :grin:

Sounds like you’re on the right track to help your pain. I hope so anyway!

I have the same problem. Since I to have the constant head, ear, neck , and jaw pain I have been sleeping in odd positions which is making my mid back hurt. Treat yourself to a message, that seemed to help me. Also try lemongrass cbd cream that helps with pain.

I have news… by back pain had not subsided and it actually
was accompanied by some terrible stomach pain so I had to go to the ER today…it is suspected that I have an ulcer :weary: Trying to get that under control!!
As well today I saw a pain management dr and had my neck injected with lidocaine/cortisone. It’s a bit tender right now but hoping it lessens the neck pain.

Very sorry to hear you might have an ulcer but glad for a potential diagnosis. Sure hope the lidocaine/cortisone shot gives you relief from your neck pain. It’s so tough when you get hit w/ several things at once! Hoping you feel much better very soon!

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Hope the ulcer medication & the injection helps… thinking of you & sending you more hugs :hugs: :hugs:

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