My Biggest Complaint / Issue!

Of everything that I deal with, the #1 issue is the feeling that something is irritating the nerves in left side of my head, which in turn cause buzzing, off balance, and overall fatigue to me.

Again, I always seem to be "out of the normal bucket" when it comes to this shit.

Just curious if it is possible (has it happened to others) that a major long styled (55mm) can be rubbing, touching, irritating some nerves in that region which cause some issues.

It makes sense to me, but I have no clinical evidence to back it up.

The only thing that will determine if I was right is if I go ahead with surgery, get the damn thing removed and see what I feel like. At this point, I am wiling to roll the dice and just go for it.

After dealing with this for so long, a surgery does not scare me. The thought of living like this forever scares me much, much more!!!

If it does not work, so be it. I have a scar, look like Clint Eastwood and become instantaneously more attractive to my wife :o)

I know there are surgical risks, but from what I have read with Dr. Samji, he is the guy to go for it.

I see him in 9 days for a consult......flying down from Spokane to San Jose for a one day visit. If he agrees, I am going for it.


Todd, some of my worst symptoms were way, way "out of the bucket". At least your bucket is in the general area. I went to about 40 doctors and no one could figure out my symptoms. but they happened at the same time my eagles happened and there was nothing else to explain it. and lo and behold, after my surgery with dr samji, they finally got better. i think some of us have weird nerve connections. there's that other guy on the forum with pain on the very top of his head. there are quite a few of us that have no clinical evidence for our symptoms.

After 7 or 8 years of 24/7.........I am willing to risk the surgery.

I have 300 hours of extended illness at my job (at the hospital) pay coming in and time off is a non-issue.

I will just have to chill in San Jose for a week in a hotel.......put some football on and put me on some good drugs and I will just sleep my way through it.

I know it is not to be taken lightly........but 8 fu##### years is long enough. If it doesn't work, I can cross that one off my list. In the heart of heart of me, knowing that I have 55 mm styloids tells me that they have to be messing with nerves in there. I could be completely wrong, but to just makes sense.

If I am wrong and it does not fix it.......oh well. I am going into it knowing what I am in for. I am 40, married 2 beautiful daughters and I am not just going "to do nothing" to try and fix this.

I think it is the right move.......only time and God know.


I think it makes sense too. and 8 years is long enough. good luck - we'll be thinking of you and sending good thoughts.

Hey, follow your gut feeling and go for it! It is like a roll of the dice, sometimes you win and sometimes you don't. At least the possibility that this is causing your problem is 50/50. At least you know what you are going into and have totally investigated the whole scenario. I went with my gut feeling and had 2.5 cm cut off my right styloid. Of course I thoroughly studied the procedure and read helpful forum posts and got hands on support from some of my eagle friends. Did all my symptoms disappear overnight, no. I still have hope that after seven weeks post surgery that things will get better. If not, then I will have to keep investigating the ear pain, tinnitus and eye and face pull issues I am having. I sincerely wish you the best of luck and hope and pray that all will turn out for good for your peace of mind and your family's. Please let us know your surgery date and any concerns and questions you may have beforehand. Take care and God bless!

Thanks for all of the words of guys really are an amazing group!

One thing I have done is sent another burned CD of the 3D CT Scan with Contrast to Dr. Cognetti at Thomas Jefferson for a second opinion / his thoughts on what he sees.

We know that both styloids are in the range of 55mm......what we don't know is if this has been the root cause of my neuro issues over the past 8 years. Funky stuff going on in there.......messing with eustashian tubes, causing nerve irritation, incessant, horrible ear ringing that changes in tone, extreme, extreme fatigue.

I see Dr. Samji a week from tomorrow for a simple clinic visit. If he agrees (and Cognetti agrees), I will begin making preparations to go ahead with surgery.

I know it may have nothing to do with my clinical issues, but I have to try something........sitting idle is not a choice anymore!!!

Again, the "logical" part of me says that 55 mm styloids have to be playing some kind of havoc in there........but I just do not know.

Will keep everyone posted and let you know how my visit with Samji goes next week.


Good for you! You are taking the important steps in the right direction toward making a wise healthcare decision. I said the same, "I have got to do something". I don't regret the surgery that I have because now I don't feel something on the right side of my throat lodged there anymore. Wishing you the best of care in whatever decision you make. I will be crossing my fingers, hoping and praying for you and your family. Please take care and keep us informed.