Surgery shopping list

Here is a simple shopping list for pure-surgery:

Wedge pillow
2-3 Icepacks (I put mine in a pillow case that was thin enough to feel the cold and long enough to wrap around my neck)
Neck pillow
Puréed soup
Muscle milk
Vanilla yogurt
Throat lozenges
Throat soothing tea

Good books, magazines, music, movies

Mederma for scar repair and has sunscreen too

I Hope this helps future surgery members

Feel free to add your favorite items to the list



Thanks seamom! I’d add a v-shaped orthopaedic pillow so it takes the pressure off the sides of your neck, and a blender/ juicer so you can zap your fave foods if swallowing or chewing is difficult.
And also some sort of healing/ massage oil- Bio-oil or something like that- to massage the scar later on.

So is the external surgery really bad on the throat afterwards? as in swallowing etc.

Thanks for sharing, seamom!

With my first surgery I found it was uncomfortable to open my mouth too wide and to chew a lot, so I had smoothies and soft foods for the first week. The second surgery was fine though and no probs at all eating etc. It’s not painful in the throat at all- more jaw movements, but it does vary.

Intraoral surgery is what makes the throat very sore. External surgery less so but you still get swelling in your throat. Oral steroids are often prescribed for post op swelling control, but I only had to take them for about a week.

As for my 2 experiences with external surgeries, I had Styloid surgery that had grown into my mouth and so I think that the removal (pulling out) of the bones caused soreness as did the swelling which is why my dr prescribed steroids post op and I found soothing drinkable food (smoothies, muscle milk etc) to feel good for the first few days. Also my jaw was sore from anesthesia. While I could chew soft food easily with both surgeries, chewing tough good felt uncomfortable

As for the lotion/ oil Jules added, my doctor recommended Mederma scar and sunscreen lotion daily for the next 6 months

I never said that it was really bad…it felt like a sore throat [from the anesthesia and slight swelling] and I felt relief by drink and eating cool items. I happened to have my Styloids sticking into my throat so perhaps that made my throat slightly sorer than other people would experience, but it wasn’t horrible - it was just sore.