My Scan......I think?

I think this is a snapshot of my scan......but I was the one that messed around with all of the different slices of the scan, so I do not know if this shows what the doctor was looking at (and what got him interested)

Does this look like the type of scan that he would have seen, or am I way out in left field???


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It might help! It takes a lot to get someone interested.

If we are showing this surprised my doctor when he took it out since the CT only showed 1cm longer than the other side.

You may use this. This was taken out 10 years after 3.5 cm was removed from the end of it. like I told the surgeon then is this the surgical version of measure once cut twice. well it over now-finally.

good luck with yours-wow.

Scary, isn't it? I just went to a neurologist because I am having residual problems, I think, because the bones had 4 years to do their damage and he said "I am not even sure that Eagle's Syndrome exists!!!!!" Needless to say, I put my coat on and left never to see him again!!! My bilateral styloid processes were about 3.5 cm. I will look for another neurologist that is not just interested in writing a prescription or telling me it is in my head. Hope you get the help you need because there are a lot of lazy doctors out there just looking for an easy excuse.

Hi Todd,

Have you considered asking for help, compiling & interpreting the image, from one of the radiologists in your hospital or perhaps one of the instructors at a medical school?

At first glance by my untrained eye, I would lean towards calcification of some of the soft tissue rather than ossified growth of the styloid process that took a non traditional shape & trajectory through your neck.

Have you had any of the blood tests to rule out the presence of excess calcium in your body?

Pretty sexy images though. What rating have they got? PG-13, R, NC-17? ;)

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