My Surgery with Dr. Samji

I'm happy to report that my surgery yesterday went well! My left stylohyoid measured 6cm, and Dr. Samji took out the majority of it, but had to leave behind about 2cm near the top as it is wrapped with nerves. So far post-op pain and recovery has been much easier than I had imagined (knock on wood.. I know I should expect the swelling to peak in the next few days). Other than the sore throat, dry mouth, and low energy, I am pretty much OK, and have started some semi-solid food.

I also want to note that Dr. Samji's team and the staffs at Silicon Valley Surgical Center were all so exceptionally caring and attentive to patient's needs and concerns. The anesthesiologist (I forgot his name...) kept checking on me while I was in recovery and sending me positive energy. All the nurses were also so friendly and kept everything running smoothly. At one point at the recovery room I found myself almost tearing up, watching all the dedicated professionals thriving in their duties, ensuring our comfort and safety. This has really made a big impact and I feel so touched.

Going back to sleep some more. Thank you everyone here for being my major source of support and knowledge share! I look forward to coming back here to report on my progress.

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That's great news, bella. Have been thinking about you, so thanks for letting us know how it went! Hope that you continue to heal well, and that those scary symptoms go completely! Best wishes, Jules.

Wow, it's so great to hear from you so soon. It sounds like things are going really well. Continued success to you with your healing and recovery!

Glad to hear it went so well, that gives me more confidence as my surgery date approaches at the end of next month!