Sugery today :)

Hi ES friends, I had my surgery today (right side first) with Dr Samji.
I met with Heidemt yesterday for lunch,she is a great lady :slight_smile: I had my surgery at 9:30 (California time) and Heidment had her surgery around 12 or 1pm (forgot to ask her) but she was next after me, I wish her the best. I will keep y’all post it on progress guys,has for rt now my right jaw joint can hear some clicking not all the time but wonder if anyone who had the surgery had it too?

Have a good hight everyone :wink:

Hi Nani :)

Yay!!!!! So happy to hear that you are doing good!! That is great that she could be there to help you through this! :)

Yes I had clicking before and still do off off and on. Hoping it will all stop once the swelling is completely gone.

Rest and ice (frozen bag of peas worked best for me)

Wishing you a speedy recovery :)

Take care,


Thx Sheila,yea little worry about TMJ, but I’m gonna give it some time.
Yeah on the frozen peas, my “nurse” husband is at the store buying the peas hehe and dinner.
Hope you doing good Sheila :slight_smile:

Lol!! I am. Thanks :)

It might have got aggravated a bit. Hang in there! :)

Congratulations on being out and safe and recovering! Very cool that you two got to meet-- I'm always caught off guard at surgery dates….aw I wish I was there to meet you guys, too!!!!

Where did you pick to stay?

Hi Tee, you asking what hotel? If that’s your question, we stay in Good Nite Inn,is in fremond, is like 25 minutes a way from the center.
I’m already planing to come with Amy in januarary (together) so Dr Samji can check us. And I already told her we should come together for the next surgery hehehe

Yeah, I was curious which hotel. :) Thanks! I guess you feel pretty good to be posting and spelling things right ! :)

I do have pain,but I can cope pretty good with pain,I can swallow but when I have to drink or eat or pass saliva,it really hurts, going to take another pain killer, so I can eat :slight_smile: thx God I don’t feel nausea.

Hi there good to hear someone else is getting good doctoring. Inner or outer? Have you heard anything about Heidmt? How long do you have to stay in area?

Does he have a line forming? Sounds like he is very good and willing. He was my next stop but I found one finally in SoCal.

good to hear that its going well.


Hi Shawn.
Yeah Shawn Dr Samji is really nice,and his team also.
Surgery was outer
Yes she is actually doing pretty good, she has less pain than me,I do have a lot of pan if I don’t take the pain killers, it really hurts to swallow.

So did you had surgery already,or when is going to be?

Hi there-yeah the pain is the only drawback when done. but hopefully its hopefully the last large pain towards relief! Yes I had it 3 months ago tomorrow after searching for another Dr. for 10 years. The past is done but icky for me but as I've said whatever could be removed was removed so all I have now is healing to do. My Dr. said that after all this time and 15 years of inflammation and possible nerve issues it might take a year or 2 to really know the outcome. But even now my left side keeps changing and getting less painful and fewer of the symptoms I had for so long.

So was yours inner? My left was inner since I had so much scar tissue on the outside from the 2 failed attempts in 2002 and 2003. It hurt a lot compared to the outers and the right outer I had in 1990. Those were easy compared to this but my Dr. here was great and able and experienced. Cedar's was great as a hospital and his surgical staff was great too. Yup surgery being a great experience is a good beginning.

If the line is too long outside Dr. Samji's office---Dr. Henry Chen here in LA would be a good choice.

I hope this helps your TMJ too.

I've had TMJ for years and I don't think mine is connected with my ES.


I’m glad you doing better,mine was outer and is hurting ouch.
I did the right side so gonna have to come back for the left one.
Thx for the advice about Dr Chen.

You still have TMJ? Or is gone,or is better after surgeries?
Mine is TMJ my jaw is not sitting in the rt place,so I wear a 24/7 splint. I was worry about intubation,but I think everything went well with my TMJ except for a little clicking now,but I’m gonna give it some time. I think ES surgery is gonna help foe jaw tension,so maybe I’ll be available to open my mouth bigger!I suppose to be available to open bigger with my TMJ treatment. It I think ES is gimp ing the jaw tension.

texas Nani


The symptoms are less but they were always wrongly associated with the TMJ--that was my first diagnosis in 1989 instead of ES. I joke that I got it by suggestion.

I still grind my teeth and wear a guard but the pain is less due to the es surgery. The bone just irritates everything around it. But I guess time will tell since my symptoms are going down. The stress of the ES pain and Dr frustration didn't help my TMJ either. My jaw is shifted to the left due to moving teeth so now I need to work on getting that looked at.

I had no symptoms on the left side until 7 years after my surgery on the right. I don't know if I've read here where someone has had it on both sides just not at the same time. My Drs. have thought the injury occurred at the same time it just took longer to show up on the left side with a 6.5 cm growth but 3.5 on the right. So my oral surgeon is thinking maybe my TMJ might go away. That would be great--but I'm just happy this is over.

I still vote for external, but understand my Drs. reluctance with the scar tissue. The inner way worked well and he was comfortable with it and got a lot of it still. But I was always told the angle is better from the outside and you can get more but he did well and I got a post surgery x ray and its a little shorter than the one on the right.

I'm gonna try the peas on my jaw.



Glad it went well!. Just curious did you only have ES on one side or did you only want to do one side at a time? could they knock out both in one surgery?

Hi mt83
I have it both sides,I do want both sides taking out,but Dr Samji only does one side at time. So I guess I have to come back,haven’t asking when I can come back for next side yet.

ok cool I wonder how long of a gap needs to be in place before you can get the other one removed. Glad your recovering Get well!