Nauseous looking down and to the right

My niece, who has slightly elongated styloids along with hEDS and CCI, has a new symptom wherein she suddenly feels nauseous when she looks down and to the right. Her left styloid is the longer of the two. When she straightens her head back up the nausea dissipates. I’m guessing vagus nerve irritation. Curious to know if others have had the same experience?

Yes, I do know that cranial instability could also be the culprit. It’s so difficult to distinguish which symptoms are caused by which diagnosis when they are all mashed up in the same region.

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I’m sorry I don’t have an answer, but it does seem like it could be related to the vagus nerve. I’m curious how she got the CCI diagnosis? What doctor or test is used for that?

I believe the tests were ordered by Dr. Pradeep Chopra, her EDS doc in Providence, RI. As I recall she had a combo of a CT scan with flexion, rotating her head 90° to both the left and right, in addition to an MRI with specific requested angles. My niece has several specialists, but I think it was Chopra.

Hi Pearl,

It could be that when your niece rotates her head to the right, she gets deeper compression of her vagus nerve from the left styloid. That momentary nerve irritation could be causing her nausea. Other possible nerves that could be causing it are the trigeminal & maybe facial nerves. The trigeminal nerve has connections that can affect the inner ear which as you know controls balance, & when balance is in question by our brains, nausea can result (think of car sickness on a winding road).


:bulb:I didn’t think of that nerve. Thanks for the thought.

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