Neck pain with exercise?

Does anyone else get pain just below their ears with exercise? I find low intensity exercise fine but anything high intensity gives me a lot of pain through this area and up into my face.

Hi PinkyT!

If you haven’t had ES surgery yet, your calcified ligaments &/or elongated styloids can be the culprits for the pain you’re feeling during exercise. I did have that problem as well as vascular symptoms (blood pressure drop, light-headedness, inability to catch my breath) when I exercised hard while I had ES. Since my surgeries, I am only slightly limited in exercise by pain. I still have to be a little careful with how I use my neck i.e. I need good neck support in some abdominal exercises. I had my surgeries 4 years ago & am extremely satisfied w/ the outcomes of both surgeries even with the little bit of residual pain I have.

I experience the same thing, but my pain radiates from my left ear under my jaw and down my neck and chest. Had surgery set for today but moved it to the beginning of the year for insurance / deductible reasons. Can’t wait!!

Good luck!

Had to give up aerobics & cycling because of the neck pain & vascular symptoms, so thinking of you!