Nerve pain medication

Hi everyone , the Dr has given me a prescription to get lyrica tablets 75 mg has anyone else been on this medication if so how did you go on them ?

Lyrica is good for nerve pain in lower doses, but it can take a little while to build up, so it's worth sticking with if it doesn't instantly help. There's quite a few alternatives if it doesn't help too. Hope you get on okay!

Hi Jules:-) thankyou for that my concern was the Dr didn’t tell me nothing about this medication when I got home I googled about it and it came up as an epilepsy medication and he also gave me prescription for anti depressant tablets :frowning: like I don’t have depression the local Dr I go to never explain anything to me :frowning: Im wondering if there is any safer medication I can try like some type of nerve pain in a natural form I still don’t want to get this lyrica

I’m at the chemist now Jules , I go to him all the time he fully explained these lyrica to me he said they r used for nerve pain I told him how I was freaking out when I read what they r used for the epilepsy suffers ,

Taken 1 tablet and both me hands are really tingly

It is just another type of medicine like nughtion generic gabitian. There has been few people on here that the dr has prescrib that including myslef. Yes they have some nasty side effects i have not wanted to take mine either. I did go to vitmen store and got this stuff called nerve fix and also with one pill you wouldn’t notice anything you have to take that medicine from dr for week or two like Jules said it has to build up in your system.

Hi Gods Blessing :slight_smile: I did ask the guy in the chemist is there any natural medication that I can try instead he told me no :frowning:

Look it up on google it called nerve fix the vitmen Shoppe has it or you can order it online

Anti-depressants- like amitriptyline, and anti-convulsants like Lyrica are all good for nerve pain. Were you supposed to take both at the same time? The anti-depressants are best taken at night as they can make you drowsy- which is good, as at least you can sleep! I'm not sure about the Lyrica, although it sounds quite soon to be getting side effects.

B group vitamins are supposed to help with nerve repair, so you could try taking that.

If you want more natural pain relief, then you could try a TENS machine?

I’ve just googled nerve fix :slight_smile: I’ll be going to the chemist and see if they sell them here in Australia , personal I’d prefer to use an all natural nerve medication