Your experiences with Lyrica?

Hi all - I had my first follow-up appointment with my family doctor after my initial diagnosis. While waiting to see the specialist, my doctor has prescribed Lyrica/Pregabalin (25 mg twice a day), with the possibility of increasing the dosage next week depending on how I feel. I am hoping it does not worsen my balance problems but that it relieves my terrible earache and neck pain. Have any of you taken this? Any recommendations?

It’s worth a try, it has helped some members- it can take a couple of weeks to build up enough to help so if you don’t get side effects stick with it. It’s very individual; what helps one person might not help another, so if it doesn’t help there are other nerve pain meds you could try. I take Amitriptyline, which helps me & I’ve not had side effects, but it’s not helped others!
Best wishes :hugs:


@AS2005 Back in 2006 I was a pharmaceutical rep for Eli Lilly and I sold against Lyrica. It’s very effective, however, there are some side effects you should be aware of. The most common are weight gain and peripheral edema. It works well as long as you can tolerate the side effects. I hope that helps!