New and unsure

Hello Everyone,

I’m not certain I have Eagles Syndrome but I do have something happening that is very troubling, and there is actually a hard protruding area that forms when I turn my head to the right and sometimes when yawning. I’ve had X-ray and ultrasound so far and apparently it’s not visible on those scans or when it’s not actively happening. The large lump feels like cartilage and I pop it back into place when it happens, sometimes it causes throat pain. I have trouble with headaches, face pain, painful pulsating vessels in jaw area and unable to swallow liquids normally (I must sip) or I feel like I’m drowning. I’m attaching the photo I caught of this lump, and it’s not soft like a mass, it’s hard like dislocating cartilage. Would love and feedback, I’m at my wits end.

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That is one BIG lump, @Maaa! It looks painful, too! Have you shown it to any doctors you’ve seen in the same way you’ve shown us?

You do have a large lymph gland in that area. Has anyone commented that it is enlarged?

The ultrasound showed lymph nodes 2 cm, this lump is more like 2 1/2 inches and hard like how the trachea feels , like it’s something dislocating. I haven’t shown the photo to any doctor yet, I just recently took the photo. I thought Eagles possibly because the hyoid bone maybe getting hung up on loose ligament and popping out?.. or maybe thyroid cartilage… I’m really not sure but it’s super bizarre and it’s been happening since I was a teen just became way more frequent over the years, now happens many times a day and the swallowing has become more problematic. So I thought posting on here would kinda let me know if this was an Eagle syndrome type problem or something totally different. Lol my mystery body ailments are hard to decipher that’s for sure.

Wow, that’s what you call a lump! It looks a bit high to be hyoid maybe? There are some members on here who are very knowledgeable about anatomy so maybe they’ll have suggestions…very surprised it didn’t show anything with the x-ray or ultrasound, you may have read but a CT is the best scan to show ES, from skull base down to hyoid, if you could get referred for that?
I hope you can get some answers!

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Just giving an update, I had to go back and forth with doctors to get a CT ordered and it’s now set for Oct 5th, I also have an ENT appointment Oct 9th… so hopefully someone can explain what is exactly dislocating. I’ll post the results when available. It seems every time I go to the doctor I get diagnosed with a new condition, hypothyroidism :roll_eyes: and menopause at the same time.


Hi @Maaa,

Thank you for the update. I’m really sorry for your new diagnosis, & that you’ve been hit by both menopause & hypothyroid symptoms at the same time. YUCK!!

Did the doctor who finally referred you for the CT scan request that it be dynamic w/ contrast i.e. w/ your head in various positions & w/ contrast to better highlight soft tissues such as blood vessels, muscles, etc.? I will pray for your scan to reveal what the strange lump is in your neck when your head is turned to the right. If this only happens when your mouth is open (as you mentioned it occurs during yawning w head turn), you should absolutely (but politely) demand (politely) that at least part of your scan is done w/ your head in that position while you yawn or fake yawn. There must be a physical explanation for that.

I look forward to seeing the results when you share them here. :two_hearts:


Glad you’ve been able to get some appointments organised and I really hope you’re able to get some answers. This looks painful & worrying. I’ve had similar things (on a smaller scale) happen over the years where there is a distinct feeling of something dislocating, so it could well be connected to eagles syndrome. Take care :heart_eyes:

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